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Hosted by TERENA
Date Event Venue
22-23 January 13th TF-NGN Meeting Madrid, Spain
26-30 January RIPE 47 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
26-27 February 8th SCAMPI Project Meeting Heraklion, Greece
29 February - 5 March IETF 59 Seoul, South Korea
19-20 April PAM 2004 Sophia Antipolis, France
2 May 9th SCAMPI Project Meeting Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3 May 2nd SCAMPI Workshop Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4 May SCAMPI Technical Audit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3-7 May RIPE 48 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10-11 May 14th TF-NGN Meeting Amsterdam, The Netherlands
7-10 June TERENA Networking Conference 2004 Rhodes, Greece
15-16 July 10th SCAMPI Project Meeting Trondheim, Norway
1-6 August IETF 60 San Diego, USA
20-24 September RIPE 49 Manchester, United Kingdom
30 September - 1 October 15th TF-NGN Meeting Lisbon, Portugal
18-19 October 11th SCAMPI Project Meeting Rome, Italy
7-12 November IETF 61 Washington DC, USA
15-17 November IST 2004 Den Haag, The Netherlands
8-10 December Broadband Europe Brugge, Belgium
10 December SCAMPI Interim Meeting Amsterdam, The Netherlands
24 January SCAMPI Technical Audit Preparation Meeting (provisional) Brno, Czech Republic
25 January SCAMPI Technical Audit (provisional) Brno, Czech Republic
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